Jaded Lament
Jaded lament

Jaded and his Katagun

Name Jaded Lament
First Appearance February 19, 2009

Jaded Lament (うんざり嘆く Kantorishi Haroto ) is a character in the anime and manga series Tokyo Delta Jetlag D. He is in the 12 years of his life of redeath after losing his soul to the dark kings in the life he once held. In the Japanese anime, Jaded has two weapons, his katagun the lucky weapon given to him by Shao She and his Will that can never run out.

Background of the LifeEdit

Jaded was born in the future where he fought to fight it all for nothing to keep what once was sacred protected. He died by a truck and entered the world of Delta Jetlag.

Background in Delta JetlagEdit

Jaded First met Keith Gunstones (Jap: Haboronuchi Tensei) who trained with him under Shao She. He turned out to kill Shao She ad then changed into Colonel Gunarm. It was too late and the emperor came for everyone. Jaded ran for the cover ducking behind rocks and avoiding the dangers that were after him. Soon he had to face then both. The sky went dark and the battle was over. Jaded and Colonel Gunarm fought many time and eventually became best friends but it was a betrayal all along because he never trusted anyone, even Jaded.

Delta Frock FighterEdit

Jaded appears often in the spinoff Delta Frock Fighter learning lessons on teaching for the will to win the surviving.


Jaded's Japanese name comes from the name of the son in law of the series creator who learned that his son in law was his son in law when writing this story. Jaded mades cameos in Delta Frock Fighter.